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For Tweens and Teens (Clinic 3)

Clinic 3 is fitted with seating and other items appropriate for older children and larger groups, including a treadmill. The room has a sink available for craft and planting needs as well – as soon as your child’s hands get dirty, we can wash them off!

Balance Exercises

Clinic 3 Tweens and TeensTherapists use the tools in Clinic 3 to engage children in a variety of ways. Balancing exercises conducted in this room help children improve their skills and strengthen the muscles necessary to accomplish their goals.

These same tools that help with balance also help with motor-planning. Without proper motor-planning, a person will have difficulty sustaining balance on these challenging pieces of equipment.

Social Skills Pairs and Groups

Our social skills pairs and groups often meet in this room. We are able to initiate collaborative activities involving our many games and tools, using both purposeful activities and involving the children in joint or group planning. Our clients have planned, organized and produced events and presentations such as a car wash, plays and food-related events.

Overhead Suspension System

Clinic 3 is also equipped with tracks and hooks for suspended equipment challenges. These can be used for testing a child’s balance or to provide overhead support while helping a child work on improving their balance or motor-planning skills.

Galvin Therapy Center

All of our therapists are fully licensed and/or certified for their area of practice. We maintain strict standards of excellence to ensure that your child gets the best possible attention and care. Learn more.