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Developing Hand Function

One of our popular presentations is designed specifically for administrators, preschool and elementary educators, teachers and special resource personnel. We offer this presentation at your facility, at varying lengths that cover different topics (see below).

Learning to Recognize, Evaluate and Select

This presentation has a total of eight learning objectives. The summary of these learning objectives is:

1. Teach vs. Experience: Learn to recognize those tasks which must be taught, not just experienced.

2. Special Help: Learn to recognize the child who needs special help, and when waiting another year doesn’t work.

3. Hand Function: Learn to evaluate age appropriate hand function & dominance.

4. Tool Use: Learn to recognize readiness and helpful teaching techniques for specific tool use. Examples are using silverware, scissors, kitchen utensils and writing tools.

5. Success Adaptations: Learn to select adaptations which promote success, such as seating, pencil grips and computer use.

6. Manuscript & Cursive: Learn to evaluate manuscript and cursive programs and select from therapist designed methods promoting success in grasp, legibility and speed.

7. Promoting Delight: Learn classroom and home activities that promote delight in mastering a variety of hand function tasks.

8. Journals & Alternatives: Learn to recognize alternatives for journal writing and when it is best to separately teach the skills involved.

Presentation Choices

You have a choice when selecting the presentation you want given. These presentations range from a one-hour overview to a full six-hour seminar. See below.

One-Hour Overview

Usually used as an introductory lecture or school consultation – this is also a great choice for interested parent groups.

Three-Hour Seminar

Materials and lecture will cover all eight learning objectives.

Six-Hour Workshop

This workshop is often split into two 3-hour sessions. This allows for an increased opportunity for in-depth experiences in selecting and designing activities, problem solving and hands-on experience with pre-writing activities, manuscript, cursive writing and keyboard skills.

For additional information, such as to schedule a lecture or request a specific topic, please call (216) 514-1600 ext 312 or contact us.

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