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Reviews and Testimonials

At the Galvin Therapy Center we offer many different types of therapy, and we achieve success in many different areas. We have divided up our testimonials based on what type of success we have achieved with the child.

Success Learning Play Skills

My preschooler has learned to initiate play with others.

-George P.

My child finally loves to play on the playground.

-Mariah C.

Success with Social Skills

My second grader’s social skills did not improve until he participated in the Social Savvy sequence.

-Mark M.

My 6th grader has finally learned how to modify his loud voice.

-Cynthia E.

Occupational Therapy Success

We have seen tremendous growth in our son since he started occupational therapy at the Galvin Therapy Center. We owe much of his progress to the expertise and resourcefulness of his occupational therapist. She always manages to make treatment fun for our son and educational for us, his parents.

The occupational therapy facility at the Galvin Therapy Center is so comprehensive and unique. It never gets boring and always allows for change as the child grows.

-CB and DB

Mealtime Management Success

When I first brought my son, Nicholas, to Galvin Therapy Center, he was 100% tube-fed. He would only eat small bits of food once in a while and would not sit down to eat it.

After weekly visits we started to see significant progress. He was not afraid of food anymore, so he began to eat and gain weight. The techniques used at Galvin Therapy Center were fun and made sense to him. There was never anything done that was forceful or negative. This past spring we removed his feeding tube.

Nicholas is doing great. He eats a variety of different foods and will sit at the table with the family. I have and will continue to recommend Galvin Therapy Center to other parents who are dealing with a child with feeding problems.

-Melissa K.

The Galvin Therapy Center Difference

Galvin Therapy Center Difference

At the Galvin Therapy Center, our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide your child with complete care. Our fully licensed therapists have over 150 years of combined experience. 

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