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Adult Therapy

The fun continues for adults as well. While the Galvin Therapy Center is primarily built to be most useful for children, our therapists do see adults to help with various assessments. 

Our competent therapeutic team can help adults with

Sensory Processing Disorders

One of the most common reasons an adult may seek an assessment is due to difficulty regulating responses to touch, noise, smell, taste or movement reactions that interfere with daily functioning. This hypersensitivity often stems from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or may have been present from birth and never addressed.

These sensory processing issues can be mild, moderate or severe, and often interfere with daily living skills, unexpected and expected touch experiences, social skills and work performance. Our therapists can address these issues and create a plan for change.

Adult Therapy

Our therapists can help almost any adult that appreciates a playful, colorful environment and needs to attend therapy. Adults with various diagnoses will find success while attending our therapy center and being a part of the larger Galvin program.

Some of the therapies we can provide for adults:

Is attending adult therapy at the Galvin Therapy Center the right fit?

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Galvin Therapy Center

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