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On-Site Therapy

Our on-site therapy staff can help you and your child address issues where they happen most. Our therapists can come to your home, your child’s school, your church or synagogue, or even to the grocery store to work with you and your child.

Sometimes it is best to allow the therapist to work with your child in the setting where the behavior happens. This way we can see what may be triggering the behavior, work with your child to address his or her needs, and discuss with you the best methods for dealing with the behaviors effectively.

Our on site therapy services are available for children, adolescents and young adults at school and at home.

Using On-Site Therapy at Home or School

Learning sometimes require different strategies and adaptations. On-site therapy sessions, whether at home or in school, help deliver the best intervention for your child’s success. Therapists provide support to the teacher or to the parent to help meet the child’s needs and therapy goals.

The following areas of concern may be addressed by our therapists

School-Based Therapy

At school, we work with teachers to provide input into a child’s curriculum. This may address challenges in speech, communication or learning.

Our therapists can also conduct special assessments of the child’s work or school environment to further identify the needs of the child and help to determine treatment plan goals and objectives. We will then work with school staff to implement programs and monitor a child’s development.

School-based therapy can be initiated either by the school system or through parent request. This is situational and we can help you determine the best way to proceed.

Home-Based Therapy

Our therapists work together with you and your family to design the best home therapy program for your child’s development. This may include providing direct treatment in the home as well as demonstrating important activities for follow-through until the next visit. This approach helps your family and your child meet your goals and needs.

Parents can call for an appointment and identify specific issues of concern which may include managing

* Subject to therapist availability. Travel restrictions may apply.

Learn more about how we can better help your children at school, at home and in the community. Call to schedule a visit at (216) 514-1600 or contact us.

Galvin Therapy Center

All of our therapists are fully licensed and/or certified for their area of practice. We maintain strict standards of excellence to ensure that your child gets the best possible attention and care. Learn more.