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The DIRFloortime® Model

The Developmental, Individual Difference, and Relationship-based (DIR) model – commonly referred to as DIRFloortime® - was developed by Stanley Greenspan MD and Serena Wieder PhD to help children with developmental difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD).

Many other programs focus on skills and isolated behaviors. The DIRFloortime® Model is unique in that it places emphasis on developing strong foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities. The floortime aspect of the DIR® model focuses on allowing the child to engage while exploring his or her own interests with a caregiver during a 20-minute period, multiple times per week. The name ‘floortime’ is likely from the goal of meeting the child on his or her level in order to help the child meet new goals.

The DIRFloortime® Model has been proven to be effective in helping infants and children progress through developmental milestones.

DIRFloortime® Model Can Help With

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“You already possess the abilities needed to help your child. The key is knowing how to harness them.”

~ Dr. Stanley Greenspan of blessed memory
co-creator of DIRFloortime®

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