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Interactive Metronome®

A Computer-Based Therapy Program

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based, engaging therapeutic model that improves cognitive and motor skills. The design of the program ensures that children recognize progress as it is occurring, increasing their motivation toward therapy.

IM can be incorporated into regular therapy sessions or used as a standalone protocol. Therapists who use IM exercises in their functional therapy activities report that participants are more engaged and alert, and are able to complete far more movement patterns and activities in a more precise and timely manner.

Using Interactive Metronome®, children and adults are able to demonstrate faster progress toward cognitive, communicative and physical goals. When children and adults can see measurable improvements, they are more motivated to continue their therapy and achieve optimal success.

Long-Lasting Results

For most people, IM will have a lasting effect on capability. Once protocol goals are achieved, gains are maintained. Even 12 months later, there is little to no loss of timing (a measure of IM ability).

Interactive Metronome® Can Help With:

How We Help

Professional performers and sport players are using this technology.

Getting Help with Interactive Metronome

Evaluations and Training

Before Interactive Metronome® is administered, we usually administer an IM long-form evaluation or other assessments. These assessments help determine specific program eligibility and number of sessions required. Generally, if an evaluation suggests readiness for a protocol (which is a pre-defined course), 12-15 sessions are required over the course of a five-week period (3x per week).

Occasionally, training sessions are needed before beginning IM sessions in order ensure mastery of the exercise movements. Pre-IM training requirements are determined during the initial IM evaluation.

IM for Younger Children

At the Galvin Therapy Center, we have offer a variety of options for children of all ages. Younger children and those with limitations can benefit from embedding shorter Interactive Metronome® sets within their therapy sessions.

Learn About Interactive Metronome® in 90 Seconds

Read about IM specific research and white papers here.

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