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Reflex Integration Therapy

Reflex integration therapy addresses challenges with how poorly integrated reflexes might interfere with function. Therapists will target underlying causes in order to improve integration of reflexes.

It is important to work on reflexes because many times, issues with reflexes can hinder motor development. How our body interacts with its reflexes and our learned responses can impact all areas of function.

Research has shown that motor function can be improved via such restorative techniques.

See an example at the bottom of the page.

Reflex Integration Therapy Can Help With

How We Help

Galvin Therapy Center therapists offer complete support so that parents can implement reinforcement routines at home. This reinforcement will increase the gains your child will make throughout their reflex integration therapy.

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Example of Reflex Integration

For instance, the Moro reflex (or startle reflex) in infants is normal and to be expected. See the video below for a demonstration. However, if an adult has not fully integrated this reflex, it can interfere with everything from balance to emotional control.

Moro Reflex

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