Planning to Learn

If you plan to learn, learn to plan! We have all heard this before, but it’s easier than it sounds. What if you do not know how to plan?  That is where OT can help.  Many of the children we work with at Galvin Therapy Center are challenged with executive functioning skills. Some of the most common challenges are losing materials, forgetting to turn in their COMPLETED work, leaving things to the last minute, underestimating the amount of time needed to complete a task, forgetting to record homework, leaving materials at school/home, having difficulty preparing for tests, having trouble breaking up longer term assignments into manageable tasks or goals, losing focus and missing directions and notes, maintaining mental stamina, and rushing through work.

While your child may appear helpless, we can help! Your child is not lazy, careless, or lacking in motivation.  Criticizing him/her will only lead to more frustration.  The first thing you can do is help establish and maintain a structured daily routine with a consistent homework plan.  The child will need your help to set priorities and break large assignments into small manageable tasks by making to-do lists.  Incentives and positive reinforcement work for them much like they work for you.  If your family is still struggling, we are here to help!

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