The Parent Connection

Two Groups of Amazing People: Our Children and Their Parents

Nikki Rotshtein - Occupational Therapist

Often, while waiting for a family to arrive, I find myself looking at the video monitor that shows our waiting room and see two groups of amazing people. First there are the children; these are children who are in the process of change and growth.

Sounds simple – but not really. We all know how hard it is to change even a small thing in ourselves. Small steps can take years. These children are taking giant leaps in a relatively short time.

The second group I admire even more; they are the wonderful parents and caregivers.  They made the first step when they realized something was not quite right with their child, or they accepted others’ directions when suggested. They rush from work to carpools to therapy and home. They sit humbly as their child might be having another meltdown, trying to  support  them – which right now may be just waiting for their therapist to come and give them the help they need.

Nikki Rotshtein at Galvin Therapy Center

They may wonder if the parent next to them is coming in because of even greater or lesser needs. But ultimately, whether a child’s problem may involve spreading feces on the walls at home or handwriting, they are all united in their goal of getting their child the best care possible.

These parents are supermoms and dads simply because they know that sometimes you can’t do it all alone.

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