The Power of What You Do

You are Right Where You Belong 

Jennifer Hurst - Special Education Teacher

When you love what you do, it shines out of you in a way that is felt by the people around you. It is an infectious energy that becomes a catalyst for amazing things.

I am surrounded by this energy from the people I am blessed to share my day with at the Early Start Autism Program. I work with amazing women who have come together as a seamless team, each well-versed in their own areas of expertise.

This group has an unusual sisterhood — each person elevating the other — helping each other to reach our greatest potential. I believe that it is this connection with each other, the love for our students, and our passion for our chosen specialties, that makes what we do so much MORE.

Jennifer Hurst working with child

It is not always simple—what we do is truly hard. But the rewards are amazing! They are often found in small moments that others might take for granted: a word, a glance, a hug.

We don’t always realize that we are making a difference. It is often in the tears of gratitude from the families that we serve, a special moment shared, that we truly discover the power of what we do.

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