Mealtime Management

Our Mealtime Management
What is Pediatric Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy for children is provided during an occupational or speech-language therapy session. It is appropriate for children who are struggling with the process of eating- from exposure to a variety of foods to chewing and swallowing to consuming a balanced diet. Our OTs and SLPs have expertise in feeding development, oral motor skills building, sensory motor needs, and psycho-social components. Based on a thorough evaluation and in collaboration with the child and family, a therapist at Galvin Therapy Center will develop a personalized plan to treat underlying and functional deficits.

We Can Help With:

· Biting and chewing ·Swallowing 

· Postural and positional techniques

· Bottle, cup, and utensil use 

· Eating a varied diet

· Sensory aversions

· Anxiety related to mealtime 

· Challenging behaviors at the table 

· Family dynamics during meals

How We Help:

  • Beckman oral motor protocol 
  • Talk Tools 
  • Use of oral motor tools 
  • SOS approach to feeding 
  • Food Chaining 
  • Can-Eat approach 
  • Behavior based strategies/Applied Behavior Analysis 
  • Selecting of feeding tableware 
  • Parent coaching and Home programs 
  • Sensory processing and desensitization 
  • Emotional regulation strategies 
  • positioning and seating 

Learn more about making mealtime a happy time by contacting us at (216) 514-1600 option 1

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