About Us

Our mission is to provide a positive impact on the lives of children and families.

Galvin Therapy Center has been in the business of helping children and families since 1994.  We have continued to develop and add programs to better service the families in Northeast Ohio. By providing many valuable services and resources, we are able to support children and families with a variety of needs. The Avon and Warrensville Heights locations provide both Eastsiders and Westsiders in the Cleveland area with our well-known and effective therapies and intervention.  We value input and feedback from the families we serve.  

More on Galvin Therapy Center

We are bridging the gap between research and clinical practice. We offer multidisciplinary evaluations and treatment protocols for families of children with minimal to complex disruptions. Our theoretical model focuses on applying current science and research to intervention models and assisting families and children through psychosocial, behavioral, developmental therapies, family support, and advocacy

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team provides hands-on therapy that is playful and goal-oriented. Children who are engaged with the task at hand remain motivated to complete each “just-right” challenge. Learning to complete a solvable challenge is the main building block of successful therapy.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility contains 6000 square feet of fun! We have a huge variety of useful toys and tools for therapists. Each therapist creates the perfect action plan to work successfully with your child. Our therapy center includes a full suspension system and different multi-purpose rooms.

Training for Professionals

The Galvin Therapy Center offers educational opportunities relevant to pediatric and adult therapy. You can arrange for training for your school staff, community families, medical staff, or students seeking professional development.

Professional Collaborations

Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with professionals beyond the scope of our discipline for your child’s best outcome. We have a broader understanding of individual issues through our connection with people in related fields.


Our families are an integral part of creating a successful treatment program. Parents are amazed at what we are able to accomplish through our team approach, which helps their child reach their goals. Take a look at what some of these parents have to say.


Be a part of our dynamic practice. Part-time and full-time opportunities may be available.

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