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A Unique Approach

At the Galvin Therapy Center, we provide a broad range of pediatric therapy evaluations and treatment services for infants, children and young adults throughout Northeast Ohio. Our facilities are equipped to provide your child with everything they’ll need to succeed. Our payment options will allow you to handle our reasonable therapy expenses in a flexible, graduated manner and we are an in-network provider for many insurance providers.

The entire team at Galvin Therapy Center is ready to provide your child with individualized therapy and offer evidence-based treatment methods. Our therapists are fully licensed and work together to create powerful treatment strategies for each child. This unique trans-disciplinary team approach allows us to provide children with the skills they need to succeed.


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Our Therapies

We use a holistic approach in each discipline to create therapy solutions that are the best fit for you, your child and your family

Galvin Therapy Center

Occupational Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

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Physical Therapy


Mealtime Management

Galvin Therapy Center

Sensory Processing Solutions

Reflex Integration with QRI 2

Specialized Treatment

ABA Therapy

Early Start Autism Program

Satisfied Parents

Facebook Testimonials

Galvin Therapy Center is an amazing child-friendly, parent-friendly center that serves a variety of needs including occupational therapy and speech therapy.  Our family has benefitted from their occupational therapy services and every therapist we’ve worked with and encountered has been more than professional, engaging, and used the session to its fullest potential for the benefit of the child.


Chana H. 

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