Intensive Pediatric Therapy

Research shows that increased frequency of therapy is strongly related to better motivation and success. Insurance companies also may determine coverage based on the speed of goal achievement. These are all reasons to consider some type of intensive pediatric therapy.

Types of Intensive Pediatric Therapy

There are two main models of intensive pediatric therapy.

Intensive Burst of Therapy

This method is usually beneficial to those coming from out of town. We meet a number of times in only a few days, to assess, treat and develop a home program. This home program can be adjusted as changes occur, via Skype, teleconferencing tools, or additional on-site visits.

Concentrated Visits (Multiple Visits Per Week)

This method of intensive pediatric therapy is preferred. Reducing insurance visits to a concentrated period of time can create better results in less time. Initially this may seem more difficult to schedule, but the results come faster and there is the benefit of starting and finishing therapy in a shorter span of time compared to weekly visits.

Therapies that can be done Intensively:

Will Intensive Pediatric Therapy Work for You?

Every situation is different. If you are interested in intensive pediatric therapy, please schedule a tour of our facility. We can discuss your options and determine if it will be the right fit for you.

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