What to do instead of using tablet’s this winter

It’s that time of year again! Winter is upon us meaning that going outside or to the park may have to be put on hold for a few months. However here are some ideas of what to do at home to help cheer up the winter blues.

  • Winter Sensory Bin: Pick 1 base, a few add ins and 1 tool to bring the outside in. For more recipes, search winter sensory bin at home on google
    • Base
      • Snow, Blue Jell-O, Ice Water, Cotton Balls, Uncooked Rice, Whipped Cream, Shaving Cream
    • Mixins’
      • Ocean Animals, Pom Poms, Artic Animals, Styrofoam balls, Frozen Fruit, Plastic Ornaments/Foam Ornaments
    • Utensils
      • Pipets, Tongs, Spoons, Ladles, Sifter
  • Scavenger Hunt at home
    • Give kids clues to fine household items scattered throughout your house. If able, have siblings pair off or friends pair off to work together as a team to find the items
  • Make a snowman outside
  • Have kids put on a bathing suit and goggles and go swimming during bath time. Make sure an adult is present during this activity for safety.
  • Set up a game night for family with some of our favorite games here at Galvin:
    • Clue, Life, Sorry, Candyland, Mystery Dish Diner, Code break, Battleship, Snails Pace, Feed the Monster, Guess Who, Labyrinth, Zingo, Pipeline
  • Make a winter recipe with your kids. Look up recipes online to make hot chocolate, mug cakes, mug cookies. Make a trip to the grocery store and find ingredients to make something new.
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