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The Big Cloud Room (Clinic 1)

When people walk into our Big Cloud Room (or Clinic 1), the first thought that enters their head is often “fun.” The room is colorful, filled with mats, a rock-climbing wall and an extensive suspended equipment area, enabling therapists to use many types of swings, bolsters and balls. Using these tools, therapists provide children with a full range of movement experiences to address sensory processing, motor planning, and strength and balance needs.

Cloud Swings

Clinic 1 - Big Cloud Room An important feature of the Big Cloud Room are its cloud swings, or therapy swings. Children enter the suspended clouds by climbing various equipment and ladders, then work with the therapist to achieve different goals, depending on the purpose of the therapy. This exercise ends triumphantly when the child tumbles out into a pillow pit.

Rock Climbing Wall

One wall of the Big Cloud Room is covered with rock climbing holds, including special alphabet holds. Children are able to interact with the wall with their therapist, reviewing knowledge of the letters while building better motor skills.

Fun Therapy Creates Great Results

Another favorite feature of the Big Cloud Room is the cable ride, which lands in a huge pillow pit landing area. Other large pieces of equipment provide endless opportunities for creativity and gross motor challenges at all levels of complexity. This allows our therapists to design just the right challenge to bring your child to the next level.

Therapeutic Martial Arts Classes

Our therapeutic martial arts classes take place in both Clinic 1 and Clinic 3 as each room can be cleared for different activities.

Galvin Therapy Center

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