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Jennifer Hurst

Jennifer Hurst

Intervention Specialist

Where did you complete your higher education?

I received my B.A. in English from Kent State University and my Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist degree from Notre Dame College.

When did you join the Galvin Therapy Center?

August 2011

Your special areas of interest include:

What varied experience do you have in your field?

What licenses, certifications and/or special training do you hold?

  • Advanced Training in Early Start Denver Model®
  • DIRFloortime® Approach
  • Wilson Language Training®
  • Zones of Regulation Workshop

What are you passionate about?

Finding those “breakthrough” moments that help me connect with my students. Our rewards are found in small moments that others mights take for granted.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

My youngest daughter has learning differences. She always worked twice as hard as her peers to learn the same material. She inspired me to become an Intervention Specialist and support others who learn differently.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the connection that we’ve made with each other, the students and their families. We are passionate about what we do and we elevate each other, helping each other reach our greatest potential.

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