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Where I Can't Becomes I CAN! Learn More about our therapy choices.

Getting Started

The following 3 steps will guide you through our new patient process from start to finish.

Step One: Scheduling an Intake Appointment

The first step is discussing your child’s needs with our intake coordinator. This usually takes 5-20 minutes. Be prepared to discuss your child’s history and any other medical or educational information relevant to the situation.

Please call (216) 514-1600 or contact us to complete this first step.

Should your family require services in more than one discipline, our intake coordinator will help guide you through that process.

Step Two: Exploring Services

Visit our patient portal to access forms and view our service offerings. For questions or concerns please call the front office at (216) 514-1600.

Step Three: Evaluation and Treatment Consultation

During the evaluation, we will determine if therapy or educational services are recommended and meet with you to discuss your goals and therapy options.

Please come tour the Galvin Therapy Center and meet some of our therapists to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your family.

Have more questions? Read our FAQs

Summer Programs and Intensives

Thinking about our Summer Programs? Please contact the front office at (216) 514-1600 and they will assist you in finding the right program for your child.

About the Galvin Therapy Center

Galvin Therapy Center Difference

At the Galvin Therapy Center, we maintain a diverse team of professionals to ensure that all children receive complete care. Our family-friendly approach allows us to provide parents with the knowledge necessary to maintain and improve their child's successes at home.

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Galvin Therapy Center

All of our therapists are fully licensed and/or certified for their area of practice. We maintain strict standards of excellence to ensure that your child gets the best possible attention and care. Learn more.