A Parenting Adventure: How speech-language therapy helped us

1. Tell me a little about your family/child.

We are a family of 5 from the Youngstown area….Our kiddos are (almost) 7 year old triplets!  We made the drive to the Galvin Therapy Center for over a year (until the pandemic) and we were amazed at the Galvin Therapy staff and facility accommodations to assist kids with sensory processing issues.  Top Notch!!

2. When and why did you start to notice a difference and seek support from an SLP?

Around the age of 2 years old, we noticed a speech delay and sensory issues with one of our kiddos.  We began with evaluations with Akron Children’s Hospital and their recommended speech/occupational therapists.  After months of slow progress we transitioned to new speech/occupational therapists who identified sensory processing issues and eventually recommended Galvin Therapy Center.

3.  What are the most challenging aspects as the parents of a child with developmental/behavioral challenges?

I honestly can’t think of any!   Raising kids, with or without developmental/behavioral challenges, is full of opportunities to learn and grow as a person and a parent.  Each and every child is unique.  Unique in how they process emotions, challenges, opportunities, disappointments,  joys, etc.  Parenting, in general, is an adventure!  Remembering that YOU were chosen, out of all the parents in the world, to be the parent of YOUR child is an incredible, blessed realization!

4. What have you found to be the most beneficial part of therapy? What has been your child’s biggest achievement?

The most beneficial part of therapy is the education we receive as a family.  How to handle daily opportunities specific to our child.  The personalized care we receive is incredible…we receive guidance on the best ways to navigate ever changing situations. Our child’s biggest achievement is the increased social interaction with peers, imaginative play and level of comfort in social/peer interactions.

5. What message would you like to share with other families considering speech-language therapy?

Do not wait!  The sooner the better for beginning evaluations and intervention.  You are your child’s best advocate and they will benefit and thrive with increased opportunities to learn and grow.

6. Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience with Galvin Therapy?

Galvin Therapy Center is an incredible BLESSING!  The Youngstown area offers nothing that compares with regard to speech/occupational therapies!  The staff is outstanding…the facility is incredible…and the accommodations throughout the pandemic has been stellar!  Highly ~ HIGHLY recommend Galvin Therapy Center!!

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