A Parents Perspective on ESAP

  • When and why did you start to notice a difference and seek support from ESAP?
    • I knew that my child needed more attention through therapy. Her preschool she was going to before only had therapy for around 30 minutes a day, 1 day a week for each OT, ST and PT. 
  • What are the most challenging aspects as the parents of a child with Autism, developmental/behavioral challenges?
    • I can only speak for parenting my child. It’s most difficult when she can’t express what is bothering her when she gets upset. 
  • What have you found to be the most beneficial part of ESAP? Biggest achievement?
    • She loves coming to school every day. She’s in a great mood when she gets home. I love the feedback and she is starting to develop her own independence. 
  • What message would you like to share with other families considering ESAP?
    • Just do it. Teachers and therapists at Galvin Therapy are more patient than anywhere else. I feel like they actually love and care for my child. 
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