Daring to Be Different

Speech-Language Pathology: The Galvin Therapy Center Approach

It is safe to say that our speech-language pathologists (SLP) here at the Galvin Therapy Center are very different from your average SLPs in the therapy world. We tend to break the mold of what someone may think a typical speech-language pathologist does on a daily basis. Why do we break the mold, you ask? Simple.

We do it because we can. We do what works. Because of our vast, multifunctional clinic, I am not confined to small workspace with a child merely sitting at a small table. We are free to move about! What child doesn’t want to get up and move around?

Exploring My Past

Let’s rewind a bit. I think it’s important to know why I feel so strongly about breaking the SLP mold and leaving the table top.  My journey as an SLP actually began with the adult population. I wanted a fast paced work environment, collaboration with other health professionals, and to be moving around all day long.

At the time, my perception of pediatric speech therapy was skewed. I realize that now. I thought all SLPs who worked with kids sat at a table, showed the child flashcards, played Candy Land, then moved on to the next child. I knew this was not my cup of tea (or coffee in my case).

Now don’t lie, many of you probably have the same viewpoint as I did. After a few years in an acute hospital setting in Chicago, I knew I needed a change, both mentally and physically. I also decided to move back to the area to be closer to my family. I decided to get my feelers out for a pediatric setting, if and only if, the job fit my standards of what I was looking for. I wanted to be active during the day in a collaborative environment. Let’s just say, Galvin Therapy Center fit that description!

A Glimpse of the Present

It would not be the craziest thing if you saw me with a child having a speech session in the pillow pit, or the cloud swings, or even the hamster wheel. Movement makes us happy! Happiness makes us connect with others.

When we connect with others, we communicate. Communication is powerful. Movement is powerful. Communication and movement make our kids happy.

I don’t want to fit the SLP mold or any mold for that matter. We tell our children every day to be different and that it is okay to be different. I dare to be different.

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