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It can feel like every where you turn these days, there are negative and disturbing stories about how people treat each other – which is why I always light up when I see a story like this one about the barber in Mentor, OH who moved his chair outside to help a child with autism feel more comfortable during his haircut. This isn’t a major news story, many people probably never even saw it, but if you look at the still image on the page and see the parent with his hands on his boy’s face while the barber goes to work, it speaks volumes.  It speaks of love and understanding, and it speaks to the connections between people. We need these connections – it’s actually been proven scientifically and sometimes, we need help. 

In other blog posts, I’ve focused on ways that we here at Galvin Therapy  can help kids. It’s truly why I got into this type of work because I believe that every child is special and that we as a community can accomplish amazing things when we work together. I’m incredibly lucky that I get to see every day heroes in action all the time at my job – the people I work with are constantly amazing me. This was never more evident than when we were together at the Autism Speaks – Northeast Ohio  walk on October 20th. I looked around at my team and felt so grateful for them and for the incredible community around us who came together on that day to improve the lives of those with autism. I saw parents, grandparents, kids and friends gathered together with one common goal and it was awe-inspiring.


In this post, I’d like to share some other stories that I’ve heard recently about the power of community and every day heroes, but more importantly, I’d like to hear these stories from you. Do you have a story about someone or an organization who went out of their way to help you, a friend or a family member? I’d like to start a wave of positivity and I need your help!

Fare-CLE – A Ride Service for Developmentally Disabled Clients

Many times, a great idea is born out of a personal need. One mom, who has two children with Down Syndrome saw a gap in the services for the developmentally disabled. Instead of just trying to figure out the issue for her own family, she decided to launch a service to help others. The result is a new non-profit called Fare-CLE which provides transportation by drivers who have experience with clients with developmental disabilities. It’s not just about being a shuttle service but is about opening up opportunities and making these young adults feel a sense of autonomy.  About 150 rides are expected to be given this month alone, mainly in the eastern and southern suburbs and they are trying to expand to the western suburbs as well.

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland Helps Create Inclusive Costume

Halloween can be a time of excitement and joy for many kids, but what about kids with disabilities who can’t find a costume that fits or that accommodates a wheelchair? The UCP of Greater Cleveland had 50 staff and volunteers focused on just this challenge this week. With the help of donations from Dorn Color Company and the Elyria Elks Lodge #465, they created unique costumes like a Batmobile, a princess chariot and pirate ship among others. Not only did they create these costumes to help kids express themselves and feel part of this holiday, but they also turned into a party with food and entertainment.

These stories are just two local examples of people or organizations making a difference in our community, but I know that there are so many more. I’d like to hear your stories and then we here at Galvin are committed to finding ways to recognize these every day heroes and keep that wave of positivity growing!

We will be sharing this blog post on our channels via Facebook and Instagram where you can submit your ideas, or you can email us!


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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

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