Our Amazing Eyes

Our amazing eyes!

Our eyes are amazing. They allow us to see everything around us, perceiving all of the colors, shapes and forms which make up our world. When the muscles of our eyes do not work well, in a coordinated and controlled way, this can wreak havoc on our lives. Reading a line of words in a book, completing a math fact sheet, catching a ball or finding an item on a shelf can be nearly impossible. When the muscles of a child’s eyes aren’t working properly, negative behaviors and outbursts can result. They can be frustrated!

Fortunately, there are many ways to support the development of the muscles of your children’s eyes. Spending time swinging on a swing, going down slides, and being pushed in a stroller are wonderful ways to allow your child to look at the world around them and use their eye muscles.  For older children, spending time rolling a ball back and forth or playing catch can be wonderful activities as well. Popping bubbles, batting a balloon, or playing i-spy can also be fun. Try to challenge your child in this way but don’t make it too challenging! Keep them engaged and enjoy your time spent together!

Here is a link to some fun search and find puzzles which will challenge your child and their eyes!


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