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Mealtime Management

Make mealtime a happy time. Our mealtime management clinic offers a unique approach that combines parent coaching and child interactivity. We’ll help you implement an effective home-based program. Therapists work with infants, children and adolescents one-on-one to create solutions to feeding and eating problems. We focus on creating low-pressure, high engagement treatment methods that work for your child.

Information from a variety of treatment models is considered when families and therapists set goals. Video recordings can be used to help monitor current methods and then change them as needed.

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Our speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists have training in popular mealtime management methods such as the SOS Approach, Food Chaining, and Get Permission®. This allows each therapist to address a variety of feeding issues in an interactive, playful manner.

Galvin Therapy Center’s speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists work together with your child and your family to create a whole family solution. Our mealtime management program is about more than simply teaching the parent. We create new positive feelings associated with food so that anxiety is reduced or eliminated before your child actually eats anything.

Our Multidisciplinary Support Team Includes:

The frequency of treatment and disciplines involved are based on the child’s specific needs.

Learn more about making mealtime a happy time by contacting us or calling at (216) 514-1600.

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