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Where I Can't Becomes I CAN! Learn More about our therapy choices.

Occupational Therapy

At the Galvin Therapy Center, our therapists work with you and your child to focus on the functional tasks that impact their ability to interact effectively with their environment, family, and peers. Our therapists have a tremendous variety of tools and unique room configurations they can use to meet each child’s individual needs. Take a look at our facility.

We believe it’s important to work closely with parents and caregivers in order to achieve carryover across environments. Our occupational therapists serve as coach, educator and role model, giving the parent and caregiver the skills needed to actively participate. The strategies they learn can be used at home, school and in community environments.

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Occupational Therapy Made Interesting

The best way for you to really learn what we do here is for you to come visit the facility. You NEED to see how our therapists make each session fun yet challenging in order to fully understand the many ways in which we can help you and your child.

We Create individualized Solutions

Our multi-disciplinary therapist team works with each child to create unique solutions that work.

We master developmentally appropriate skills using work and play. To visit and learn more call (216) 514-1600 or contact us.

Galvin Therapy Center

All of our therapists are fully licensed and/or certified for their area of practice. We maintain strict standards of excellence to ensure that your child gets the best possible attention and care. Learn more.