Physical Therapy

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists (PTs) focus on assisting children and their families in reaching motor milestones and maximum physical potential. PTs have expertise in movement, motor development, strength and endurance. Based on a thorough evaluation and in collaboration with the child and family, a PT at Galvin Therapy Center will develop a personalized plan to treat underlying and functional deficit

We Can Help With:

· Gross motor skill delays

· Missed motor milestones

· Torticollis

· Plagiocephaly

· Muscle weakness

· Gait abnormalities/difficulty walking

· Dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder

· Toe Walking

· Incoordination

· Postural disorders

· Low/high muscle tone

· Pain

· Balance dis

How We Help:

· Positioning

· Stretching

· Developmental activities

· Movement and agility

· Strengthening

· Conditioning

· Balance activities

· Coordination development

· Tone management

· Endurance training

· Neuro-developmental techniques

· Manual/Hands-on methods

· Structural and muscular supports:orthotics/taping/splinting

What Physical Therapists Do

Our physical therapists can provide evaluations and treatment for your child. The goal is to help address physical challenges. If your child is experiencing problems with motor development, motor function, strength or endurance, our therapists will be able to help.

Schedule a physical therapy evaluation by calling (216) 514-1600 Option 1

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