Tummy Time- How Important is it?

Tummy time or playing while prone is an important step for overall development for babies; it helps to build core and head strength (which then helps with speech development and feeding), it helps to build hand strength and fine motor skills, and it can also help to build visual perception for kids. Prone play is important for not only babies but also for our kids as they grow!

Some kids have a harder time with playing in prone than others. If this is your kid, you can try having them lay on various supports, such as a pillow, an exercise ball or even your own stomach! The key with tummy time play is getting a child to push into their arms and activate their postural muscles.

Although tummy time is a critical position that should not be neglected, it is also important to address other positioning with kids. Play in supine, or laying on their backs, is a great way for kids to work on reaching for toys and visual tracking of toys. Side-lying play helps kids to build strength, along with increasing their mobility. Supported sitting is a great way to build core strength and work on bringing toys to midline.

If you have questions about your child’s development, use our developmental assessment tool to see if your child is on track and if they may benefit from therapy!

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