What does an ABA session look like?

A typical ABA session starts by the RBT (registered behavioral technician) or BT (behavior technician), going to get the client from the car. The therapist working with the child, will meet the client and parent at the car and talk about how their morning or day has gone so far and then transition them into the building. Once the client is inside of the building the session begins with playing. The RBT and the client will spend some time playing around the center to get the client ready to spend their time learning new skills!

ABA sessions here at Galvin are centered around the kids! We like to integrate our programs into the child’s play routine. We like to work on things like functional communication, appropriate behaviors, social interactions and so much more! We disperse these goals written by the child’s BCBA throughout the session. After running the goal, the client is rewarded with more play time, or more specific items that they like to play with. Throughout the session the client also has access to any snacks they bring and can take snack breaks and any bathroom breaks on an as needed basis. The client could work with one or multiple RBTs/BTs throughout the time they are here. This can help the child generalize the new skills that they are learning. Once their time is up during their session they are then transitioned back to their caregiver. The clients’ snacks, and other items are packed into their bags, and they are walked back to their caregivers. Once the clients are in the car, the RBT/BT will talk to their caregiver and give them a description of what the client worked on, what they enjoyed, and how their day went.

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