What is ESAP?

What is ESAP?

If you have a little one with autism, trying to decide if your child is ready for preschool and what school might be a good fit can be a challenging and overwhelming subject.

At Galvin Therapy Center, the Early Start Autism Program (ESAP) is based on the works of renowned authorities in the field, drawing from evidence-based models such as the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), TEACCH, and DIRFloortime®. This model aims to improve development in young children with ASD by utilizing the knowledge of how the typical child develops. The focus of the ESDM is boosting the social-emotional, cognitive and language abilities, as development in these areas are most often impacted by autism. By using everyday activities to help children communicate, connect, and learn we aim to promote the development in all aspects of autistic children’s lives and decrease impairments in the ability to learn.

Learning in the preschool age is strongly influenced by the relationships between children and adults. We have a high staff-to-child ratio allowing us to use sensitive, responsive, and personal strategies within learning activities.

Every aspect of our program, from the deliberate architecture to the comprehensive curriculum, is custom designed to support and nurture students. Therapy takes place in a play-filled environment with a high staff-to-child ratio. Occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and music therapy are incorporated into weekly programming.

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