What is the best way to help my young child with Autism?

As with all things child-related, there is no one path to take when it comes to Autism support – instead, finding what works best for you, your child and the rest of your family is highly personal and can also change over time. One reassurance we can have is that if something is not working, it can always be changed!

One of the first things to do when looking for ways to help your Autistic child, is to determine the main goals you have for your child. One of the most common goals we hear parents say is they want their child to talk to them. Other common goals have to do with getting a good night’s sleep and eating what the family eats. Additionally, many parents talk about wanting to help their child play with toys, play with their siblings or peers. Dealing with strong sensory preferences when it comes to bathing, dressing, going out to eat, and family get-togethers are often reported as challenges, with parents talking about just wanting to make these everyday events easier for their child. To help organize your thoughts, sit down with a piece of paper and make a list of things that would help make life easier for your child. When you work with professionals, they can further help you prioritize based on your child’s age, other concerns, and abilities.

Seek out methods and strategies that are known to help children with ASD and that fit within your family. In 2021, we are not short of methods and strategies that have been shown to help support growth in developmental needs of autistic children. Applied Behavior Analysis , Early Start Denver Model, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Social Skills Training are a few of the therapies children and families can access for support. What we know for sure is the support of a strong team of professionals who will offer guidance, listen to your concerns and needs, and work collaboratively is essential. Milestones Autism Resources has assembled a great list of questions to ask when looking for providers and programs for your child.

At Galvin Therapy Center, we look at the whole child. What makes your child happy, what causes distress, what are their favorite things to do, how do you share joy with your child are key considerations. Sure, we can look at the behaviors we see a child display, but we can also look at what makes your child feel comfortable and safe. Having a variety of disciplines working together allows us to see the whole child.

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