A Parents Perspective on Care Credit

I was confronted with $5000 in medical bill from multiple doctor’s offices, and it honestly had me in tears wondering how I was going to pay it but made me question how I would even afford to live until it was paid.  I was sick in my stomach trying to figure out how to pay rent, buy food, make a car payment, and then pay this bill.  I felt defeated.  I was then told about Care Credit.  

They showed me with the amount of money I owed, just how much payments would be on several different payment plans.  When you are inquiring and they show you the payment amounts, you get a printout with the QR Code on it, you just scan it and fill out the application yourself.  It did not take long at all to find out I was approved.  I was able to use my loan card from Care Credit to pay all my medical bills.  

As I paid it down, I was then able to use it again for the dentist office.  When you pay your balance off in the correct amount of time, you pay no interest.   I paid it off without any interest at all.  They made my payments affordable; it took so much pressure off.  I think my options at the time where 12, 24 and 36 months.  What I liked about it is the convenience.  So, my provider is no longer calling me letting me know of my outstanding balance because I paid with Care Credit (just like using a credit card), and I pay Care Credit back monthly! It puts my mind at ease that I can still get my healthcare, prescriptions, whatever I need now, instead of trying to figure out if I can afford it! Best choice we ever made!

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