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Evaluation Processes

The Evaluation Process Are you curious about what an evaluation includes?  Do you want to prepare yourself or your child for your first appointment?  Here

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Balancing: Bike Riding Basics

Learning to Balance with Karen Porter At the Galvin Therapy Center, we strive to create independence in our children by teaching a variety of activities. For

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The Parent Connection

Two Groups of Amazing People: Our Children and Their Parents Often, while waiting for a family to arrive, I find myself looking at the video

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Making a Difference

The Best Job in the World: Speech-Language Pathologist I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world. (According to, it’s #10, but

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Daring to Be Different

Speech-Language Pathology: The Galvin Therapy Center Approach It is safe to say that our speech-language pathologists (SLP) here at the Galvin Therapy Center are very

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Working with Children

Working with Children: Invigorating, Challenging, Rewarding My Inspiration What inspires me? The parents who bring their adorable children to work with me week after week.

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My Motivators

What’s New About Galvin Therapy Center’s Blog? The new Galvin Children’s Therapy Center Blog is going to let you know who we are, why we

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A Neat Opportunity for Everyone!

Through the Eyes of Autism: A Special FREE Presentation given by Kristyn Weinert-Stein, a young adult occupational therapy student with autism. Hear a first-hand account

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